• Inspired Professionals

    Moving forward every day to create and innovate in the metalworking industry. At F. Vogelmann you will find a team of highly dedicated professionals building a better service for tomorrow.

  • Quality Planning

    Every aspect of a project is carefully planned to ensure the highest quality we can achieve. Our team will watch over the project until we are confident we can deliver with the highest expectations.

  • Superior Craftsmanship

    Quality comes in craftmanship and F.Vogelmann prides itself in the superior craftmanship that goes into every product we produce. Every piece that leaves our foundry has the stamp of excellence with no exceptions.

  • Industry Minded

    While we at F.Vogelmann work in a specific area of our industry we are constantly thinking ahead of how we can affect the entire industry itself. There is no room for small-minded thinking in our expanding innovations.

Steel Fabrication

We specialize in steel and aluminum fabrication, and are fully equipped to craft products which...

Industry Consulting

F. Vogelmann & Company offers expert on-site consulting and inspection services. Major clients...

Our History

For over half a century, F. Vogelmann & Company has offered peerless fabricating, machining,...


Welcome to F. Vogelmann & Company, Inc.

F Vogelmann QualityWith industry leading quality and family business values, F. Vogelmann & Company is building your future.

For over half a century, F. Vogelmann & Company has offered peerless fabricating, machining, welding, and consulting service to diverse, multi-industrial customers both throughout the greater Chicagoland area and nationwide. Whether your project is completed at our state-of-the-art shop or on-site, you'll experience personalized attention, collaboration at every stage, and a guarantee of the highest quality.

With the expertise that can only come from decades of satisfied customers, we take pride in being firmly rooted in the fundamentals of the industry while keeping ahead of the latest technological developments. Working with F. Vogelmann, customers will discover a unique combination of competence, quality, and efficiency that exceed industry standards and the values and integrity that come from being a family owned and operated business.